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I’m McKenzie, I’m 14 years young and I turn 15 on July 8th. I think way too much about what other people thing of me. I am very good at acting- wanna be an actor one day- and all I do is act like I have an amazing life. Which I do compared to most people, but at the same time I clearly don’t. Life is hard with a type 1 diabetic sister, a special needs brother and having diabetes myself. But, I am grateful for the life I live, I live under a safe roof and my family isn’t the poorest family in the neighborhood. Sometimes I think it’s better just to cry it out. I cry myself to sleep a lot but it feels good letting out my feelings. I have a nutjob of a dog named Rudy- he’s amazing and I own a horse named Patrick (PJ for short). I have been riding for a little more than 2 years and I love it! Not many people I know can say that they have a horse and i like that little bit of power haha. I think that I love people when I don’t and I think people are my friends when they clearly aren’t- I’m a teeen...get over it! I hated 8th grade- I miss my old friends but I’ve made great new ones.I LOVE highschool!It is amazing! I had some rough patches in my life but im getting better and happier as life goes on and i meet new people who actually care about me and my health. I did have a depression stage but im getting a lot better but im not 100% better. I still get sad and get bad thoughts into my head but i am on the pathway to happiness. I am totally obsessed with Taylor Swift. I LOVE her to fucking death. If you listen to her lyrics those are the words that I am afraid to say. Justin Bieber. Yeah Hi please love me and love me forever. Justin inspires me to be me and go out for my dreams of being an actor and a singer. He is amazing and I LOVE HIM! Everything starts from something, something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn’t dream. I went to his concert on 11/10/12 and I died.. twice, it was my life. I have been to almost 20 concerts in my life because of my moms job. Music heals me and eases the pain of being a messed up teenager, but i legit couldnt live without music. Demi Lovato also is a huge inspiration to me for obvious reasons. Listen, If you took that time to take 2 minutes out of you own life just to read about mine you are amazing. No matter what anyone thinks of you, you always need to know that you are beautiful on the inside because it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside.. That’s all you need in life and that’s how I live mine. Thank you so much for reading, I love you so much for that!

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I dont care how fancy this looks. I just need someone to talk to ❤

to bring back one thousand memories

thesathanothing lasts forever.
we have to prove them wrong ❤


I want our relationship to be like Tom and Jerry
No matter how many times we fight, we won't be apart

wanyou to bhappy. 

i thought of you, i would only have one. because you never left my mind ❤

Beginning of the year: Maybe someone will like me
End of the year: Well, theres always next year

                                                                   Plot twist: I get a boyfriend
Plot twist: You're the hot friend


Me: 5 push-ups

Me: Olympics 2016 here I come