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Hey There Gorgeous(:
I'm Mckenzie, seventeen years old on April 2nd.
Recovered Anorexic, Suicidal, and Cutter.
Just here to try and brighten someone's day

Quotes by Mckenziexox

Hush little baby Don't you cry Don't cut your arms It'll be all right. Put down the razor Put down that light It might be hard now But you'll win this fight
Before you kill yourself, just remember
There are places you have not been
and things you still haven't seen
and poems to awe,
art to draw.
fields to walk through,
and great people to talk to.
music to take in,
competitions to win,
more I love you's to be said.
So why
Oh why,
would you wish
to be dead?
&& Jack and Jill went up the hill
But Jack got hooked on booze and pills
And Mary had a little lamb
But Mary just don't give a damn
Real men go for curves.
Only dogs go for bones.

Um... how bout no.
Only a dog judges you on your size.

When people make fun of you and you kind of just have to laugh along and pretend it doesn't hurt.


her heart was
a secret garden
and the walls
were very 






she had blue skin

and so did he

he kept it hid

and so did she

they searched for blue

their whole life through

then passed right by-

and never knew


A typical day at my school

"So I have these metal plates in my mouth because it's all screwed up and my dentist insists. However, I love hollandaise sauce, and the acid eats through just about every metal out there. A couple weeks ago, I go in and he replaces the latest ruined metal with chromium in hopes that it will work. Today, he was checking them out, and tells me that it's amazing, there's actually a metal that resists the acid. And you know what he says next? He starts singing...
"Oh there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise"
"Will you just eat something already so people will stop asking me about you??"

Thanks daddy, for those kind words...