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Hullo kids... Names Melanie, but everyone calls me Melly (or Mel, your choice).... Music owns the world. Just to let you know. i'm all soccer--i play every chance i get. it kicks ass. NAGS--We pass on grass. if my quote i subitted reads this next line, it means i wrote it... if it doesn't say that, i'm taking no credit: Original*Unique*Absolutely Mine Eh, I write loads of poems, but for them staying as MY poems, I don't submit many of them onto this site. Requests are welcome, cause I love to write. ok and I'm a mod. If you don't follow the RULES to the site, and I like your quote, I'm going to submit it under my username, simply because you can't read, or you don't care. So, if you have a problem with that.. FOLLOW THE RULES! xoxMellyxox

Quotes by MeLLy

And live for the moment now <3
-The Spill Canvas
And forget everyone who's jaded, 'cause they don't matter
And I don't care.
-The Spill Canvas
We can disappear...*
But I'm on fire for you, clearly...

It's not like I think about you maybe I do.
they cover so much these days
&& i sit here && wonder to myself "what's wrong with me?
am i not smart enough, funny enough, pretty enough? tell me cause i'll change"
&& as i sit here && wonder to my self of what could be,
i seceretly dream about [ y o u & & m e ]
The BRUISES and CONTUSIONS will remind me what you did when you wake
You've earned your place atop the ICU's Hall of Fame
The camera caught you causing a commotion on the gurny again.
The worst feeling is when you thought u were going to have that fairytale ending..
Then you found out he never really cared in the beginning </3