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im 15 live in logansport, indiana. my race is mexican & im not ashamed of it. I love the colors blue, green, purple & orange. without music i would probaly die. being center of attention isnt my style id rather be by myself with my ipod blaring to much drama for me to want to make friends. usally if im thinking something more then likely itll come out of my mouth before i can atempt to make it sound nice lol. ive had idk how many friends lie & stab me in the back & im not sure if its the ppl i choose as friends or if the problem is me. i try to smile & be happy each & everyday but its hard to do after awhile. ):   

Quotes by MeXiCaNaLoCa

I'm so used to pretending to be happy and holding all my emotions in, that im not sure i can share my feelings with anyone or that i even remember what its like to be truly happy...
I used to be afraid of cluttered noises but now im afraid of silence...
Clawing my way up doing what i can to be better but its not enough
Nothing i do for you is ever enough so im done putting myself down
I'm going to do my absolute best & pray someone will love me
I'm not perfect no matter how hard i try ill never come close to it
I know this but maybe there's a guy out there who'll love all of me
He'll want to help me better myself not tear me down like you did
All of my little quirks & flaws will be saw as cute not annoying
My oh so imperfect self will be seen as PERFECT to him
& i might end up being his whole world just as he'll be mine
I can't wait to finally meet him <3
Giving In...
~Replacing all light things with dark
sadnees anger & doubt fill the air
i've tried to reach out for help but
it seems like you dont care
~I used to be happy but now
i'm at my f*cking all time low
hiding everything from everyine
the me you see is only for show
~With emotions bottled up inside
i feel like im alone at war
fighting these dark thoughts...
i just can't do it anymore
~I've seen people quit and
i want to surrender too
but i can't give in yet so
heres just what i'll do
~I'll take one shot for my pain
one drag for my sorrow
get f*ucked up today and
i might be okay tomorrow
~But if not i'll lock my dor
get the drugs and lay in bed
then swallow every last pill
and wait till i'm finally dead...
 Maybe just maybe the planet we live on is another planets ever stop to think about that?
After doing the weird & random things ive done all i can think is "This is why im not in a relationship..."
They say that love is forever
Your forever is all that i need
Please stay as long as you need
Cant promise that things wont be broken
But i swear that i will never leave
Please stay forever with me? <3

#If im james dean your audrey hepburn(:

im so confused... the other day my parents were worried that i was depressed or something just cuz i dont laugh or talk much &  cuz im "angry" alot well  today i was the complete opposite all happy smilie & giggly & they get mad at me? seriously? shut the f*uck up first youre unhappy that im sad/mad now youre mad im happy make up youre d*mn mind!  -_-

My brothers & sisters funny conversation from earlier today! :)
brother: hey hey you do you wanna share your cookie with me? :)

sister: no -_-
brother:  awww come on sharing is caring! :/
sister: do i LOOK like a fricking care bear to you? -.-
brother: uhhh no? o.O
sister: exactly thats what i thought hum -_-
(lol my siblings are so strange)