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Hello. :) My name is Cearra Chauntelle Swain. :D Whuddup doe? .-.


LOVE YOU FOR LIFE :D  xoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxo
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Quotes by MeaningfulSoul

I never thought
that you would be the one
to save my life
Last night 
wouldv'e been the night 
of my death
but you saved me
Even after
all I've done to you
you still protected me
and loved me
and showed me
you truly do
I could say 
until I'm blue
but that still doesn't
come close to how
sorry I really am.
Thank you.

Tyrel Dorian Esquash 
saved my life last night
( Dorian_Writes )

that's a hero.

MeaningfulSoul :C

I'm fine without you. 
Yo realmente no creo que te das cuenta de lo
mucho que significas para mí.
Veo que usted y todo lo que quiero hacer es llorar.
Tú eres mi vida y siempre lo serás.

Te quiero.
Nunca lo olvides.

Tyrel Dorain Esquash Ramage
( Dorian_Writes )
...I do miss you...
...More than anything...

MeaningfulSoul... :c
So i finally come onto witty for once... and the only thing i can do
is read your quotes... 

Really starting to get sick of this.
Sick of the pain, sick of the confusion,
my mind keeps going in circles.
My heart is dying, it's
jumping over hurdles..

One obstacle after another
the decision gets harder

For once I need to be in my own mind
Save me from my own life,
Save my from my misery,
Save me from everybody else,
Save me from being me

When I die I'll go to heaven
because I've done my time
in hell.

As I take another shot,
another hit,
I get nowhere

Maybe if I take the wings
I have and fly
I'll get somewhere

Somewhere I need to be
with people I need to see
to save me from my old life,
to save me from being me
Losing my mind..
 Losing it all..
Watch me die
Watch me fall.

Happy yet...?


That amazing moment
when you finally find someone
who makes you feel like
you actually mean

MeaningfulSoul [:
You're all I ever wanted...
But now you're gone...
Oh a spider. You are tiny. I'm a great big person. I am a grown up. I can handle this. You are tiny. I'm a great big pe- OMG IT MOVED!!
Selena loves you with all her HEART <3
2/3/2013 :3