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Hey, my name is Abby I'm 15 years old and in 9th grade. I love making friends and dance and play vollyball. People normally judge me as a preppy popular girl that gets all the guys but I'm not and i come on here so people will accept me for who i am not what sociaty made me to be.

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Sometimes I wonder if he even truly cared... 
(so people won't forget0
I'm one of those people who go through and fav everyone ones quote for an half im on here :)

I finally found out that my crush still likes me but yet we are doing nothing about it?
--> what should i do?

i just found out that the guy i liked alot and thought liked me back... doesnt - i cryed myself to sleep last night i feel pathetic for letting him in and getting my heart broken

Baby, your never alone

Heyy guys! I need your advice its of course about a boyy -__-
Well he and i have had this thing going on for a while and ppl already know something is up so a couple of nights ago he sent me text saying "How about we Hook up?" and me im just like OMFG! but i just asked him what he meant but he texted me the next day and acted perfectly normal..!!! WHAT??!! ....THoughts?
Honestly you would date...
a popular guy who is quater back of the football team with good looks or Would you date someone who is not athletic and is good in school who prob has  a good personality??
you know a quote that never gets old....

"looky, no touchy." ;)

You can't spell Beautiful without