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Hi there.
Amy / 15 / UK
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if you're any one of them I shall love you forever and ever. I'm awkward, weird and don't talk to many people apart from my three best friends. Without them I'm forever alone.
My love life is complicated and I'm not always in the best mood.
I ship Finnick/Annie, Johnlock, Niam, Peeniss, Larry, Phan, Romionie, Ziam. If you ship any of them, we will be best friends.  Just comment if you ship any of them and I will love you.
I have BBM which you can ask me for&yea, check out my main tumblr aka what i waste my life on.

My blog & witty profile may me triggering.

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You're fine.
I'm f *cked.

Haven't been on here in so long. Gosh. Haven't posted a quote in almost a year.
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Reasons to Stay Alive:
-Having a really good night
-Ice Cream
-Meeting "The One"
-New Inventions
-Meeting your favourite person
-Hot Chocolate
-New songs
-Comfy Clothes
-Going on a holiday with friends
-Good Grades
-Really Good Books
-A Family
-Seeing your siblings/friends getting married
-To be happy.


Rules for self-harm.
It has to leave a physical mark and it has to stay for at least a week or it’s not self harm. If you snap a rubber band to your wrist, it’s not self harm. If you don’t use a blade, it’s not self-harm. If you’re not physically bringing a blade across your skin, it’s not self harm. If you don’t cut your wrists, it’s not self-harm.
WARNING. The above is complete bullsh.t.
The thing that pi.sses me off most is when people make “rules” for what’s self-harm and what’s not. Like okay, just seriously, look at the word. Self-Harm. Harm you inflict on yourself purposely. That’s what it is.
If you scratch your legs purposely, it’s self-harm. If you use a rubber band, it’s self-harm. If you purposely burn yourself, it’s self harm. If you starve, it’s self-harm. If you use the point on a compass, it’s self-harm. If you make yourself throw-up, it’s self-harm. If you purposely harm yourself, it’s self-harm.
Stop dismissing people who are in mental pain because they don’t take a blade to their wrists. Just effing stop.


I'm sorry for being me


You might remember a compliment for a few seconds or minutes. But when someone calls you fat or ugly or worthless, you remember it for years and maybe even a lifetime.


why are feelings always so complicated?


our little infinity

-the fault in our stars, john green