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Hey it's me Meg, I really don't know what to say other than that I'm 16 and I live in the USA of course haha. Uhmmm I am a Directioner and no I will not hate you if you hate them. I love nutella and I support gay marriage. I think war is stupid and there should be peace in the world. Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are my role models along with Selena Gomez. I wanna make a difference in the world. I've decided to make a witty so I can get every thought that's inside me out there. I do have a fb, instagram and twitter too. If you want to add me on them just send me a message. Thanks and I love each and everyone of you. You're all beautiful. <3

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I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the wrong side of the right bed. <3
it's too cold outside fo angels to fly <3 
Ed Sheeran- A Team <3 

My wittle heart's broken, I hope you're happy. Are you happy now is this what you wanted? To take me back again and then rip my heart out again and leave me broken and shattered? I gave you everything and I loved you I STILL love you. And I'm stupid for staying with you but that's just my stubborn self, never giving in... But you're tearing me at the seams. </3

I told my friends that I was gonna be single and let nature take its course and whatever happens, happens. Then he asked me out. I haven't been so happy since now. He's not only my boyfriend but my best friend. I can laugh, smile, cry, be mad anything. I can be myself. I love him. I've liked him since we started talking but never had the guts to tell him. And then he tells me he likes me. He saved my life. I love you Matt forever and ever. <3 7.20.12 <3 
It's just that I don't wanna live anymoreeee... :( 
I'm ugly I already know that, you don't have to point that out. I say it to myself enough anyways.. 
And it hurts when he goes along and makes fun of you in front of his friends...
"Just friends" and honestly I'm okay with that... At least I know one day we'll date<3

Happy birthday Demi Lovato!!! <3

Have you guys ever thought that one of us could be eachother's soulmates.....?