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Quotes by Megalomaniac

All my friends are saying that I should stop making pen!s puns.
But they're so adickting
I need to be let out.
Family Friend: So how are you going to spend the last few
days before school starts?
Me: Pronanly sat in my room crying, eating Doritos, and 
plotting the downfall of all the popular girls in my grade
Family Friend:
Family Friend:
Family Friend:
Me: I'll just go back to my room..
Cause these words are knives,
They often leave scars
Trying to limit the number of gifs on your page
Is like choosing your favorite child
Soundtrack to my life
Opening Credits: Walk This Way, Aerosmith

Waking Up: El Manana, Gorillaz
First Day of School: Why Am I The One, Fun.
Falling in Love: Save Me, Muse
Fight Song: Can't Hold Us, Macklemore
Breaking Up: Square One, Coldplay
Studying/Working: Only If For A Night, Florence + the Machine
Life: For Now, Courage My Love
Mental Breakdown: Warning Sign, Coldplay
Sunny Day: Bliss, Muse
Rainy Day: Unsustainable, Muse
Party/Dance Music: Playing Dagerous, Lana Del Rey
Sleeping/Dreaming: Explorers, Muse
Nightmares: All Alone, Fun.
Flashback: Supermassive Blackhole, Muse
Wedding: Lovers In Japan, Coldplay
Birth of a child: Speed Of Sound, Coldplay
Final Battle: Supremacy, Muse
Death Scene: Hurts Like Heaven, Coldplay
Funeral Song: Great DJ, Ting Tings
End Credits: Screenager, Muse

Save me from my superstitions
Now I'm free from this old condition
Wait just a while
And I'll greet you with a smile

Hold me cause I'm sure I hated
Promises they are overrated
Wait just a while
While I'm drowning in denial

Free me, free me, free me from this world. I don't belong here
It was a mistake imprisoning my soul
Can you free me, free me from this world?

If someone who likes alternative, punk, rock, metal, scremo, etc says they don't like much pop music,
People who like pop say things like this: What the f/u/ck! You can't judge people's music like that! God! Stop acting like a hipster!

What I don't get is that most people who are saying thigs like that have never listened to alternative, punk, rock, metal, scremo, etc. 

Freddie Mercury is basically God.