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and I'll be yours forever
Hey everyone! I'm Megan 17,and i really dont know what to write here haha, but if you would like to get to know me talk to me, ask me anything :)
anywaaay i hope you guys like my quotes and follow me and i promise to follow back<3 thanks!

Witty brother:
Be careful who you open up to. Only a few people actually care, the rest are just curious.

Quotes by MeganFantasticT

If you didn't have a rolling backpack in elementary school then you were lame.

I honeslty havent been on this site in months. OMG I MISS ALL OF YOU WITTIANS! how are all of you?
Self harm awareness day is March 1st. remember to wear orange and spread the word!

Janitor: FROM THE WINDOWS...TO THE WALLS...Cleaning up the bathroom stalls. Till my mop wets all these halls, all you b!tches fall!

If you yell at me or use a serious tone of voice around me i will get really nervous and scared and theres a 99% chance i will start crying.

When Taylor Swift and Harry Styles break up, Taylor will make a song called
" wrong direction."


I haven't cut in 4 months.
I'm so proud of myself.



people 624564 miles away: omfg your so cute how are you single?
people around me: omfg i didn't know potatoes walked!


Dentist- *scrapes gums with sharp metal instruments*
Dentist- your bleeding because you don't floss...