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*sings* Hello everybodyyyy. My names Megan.

I'm 15. Sophmore status baby!

My bestie is Shelby(known of here as herecomesthesunshine)

I have a boyfriend (so hands off bro)


I'm a vegetarian
I want to be an actress
I'm nice to anyone
I'm in love (02/04/10)
I'm suppperr shy..

Hey are you still reading this.. well umm...
Follow meee!

More Fun Facts:

I <3 New York
-And plan on moving there when I'm older.

I desperately want to learn Italian.
-But am currently learning German in school.

Winter is my favorite Season.
-Winter= Christmas

I'm super girly.

My current favorite hottie is Alexander Ludwig
-He will be playing Cato in the hunger games.
He is a total beef cake now so yeah. Yummy.

I want to write a book.
-I usally start writting one then stop after two chapters and never finish.

I want to be an actress. I think I should pack my bags and leave for L.A. tonight.
- I leave in Oregon. You'd want to leave too.

I'm super duper shy. Then once I get to know you I don't shut up.
No!! Scrolling Nothing is impossible. The word even says "I'm possible!"
PhotobucketPhotobucket We're sexy and we know it.

Quotes by MegannLove

"What Ever You Do In Life Will Be Insignifigant. But It Is Very Important That You Do Them Anyway." -Ghandi

You never get a second chance

to make a first impression.

Never frown.

Someone could be falling in love with your smile.

"To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is




Ahh.. The television. Just like the internet,

but not as good.



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Light on my heart, light on my feet Light in your eyes I can’t even speak Do you even know how you make me weak I’m a lightweight Better be careful what you say With every word I’m blown away You’re in control of my heart I’m a lightweight Easy to fall, easy to break With every move my whole world shakes Keep me from falling apart
Demi Lovato "lightweight" To my love Bren.♥


"Being fearless isn't being 100 percent not fearful. It's about being terrified-

And jumping anyway


That was so funny,

I forgot to laugh.


     "You're a beauty, what a cutie.
         It's undoubtedly love."