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My name is Megan♥ I will blow out 18 candles on the

7th of August!♥  I live a quite out-of-the-ordinary life

but what's life without a little rain? You've happened to 

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know my in my normal life, I'd adise you to keep it

that way 

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Missing somone
your heart's 
that you

I suppose

it will all

make sense



i AM CONFIDENT I AM over you. So much that some mornings I wake up with a smile on my face and my hands pressed together thanking the universe for pulling you out of me. Thank God, I cry. Thank God you left. I would not be the empire I am today if you had stayed. But then... There are some nights I imagine what I might do if you showed up. How if you walked into the room this very second every awful thing you've ever done would be tossed out the closest window and all the love would rise up again. It would pour through my eyes as if it never really left in the first place. As if it's been practicing how to stay silent so long only so it could be this loud on your arrival. Can someone explain that? How even when the love leaves, it doesn't leave. How even when I am so past you, I am so helplessly brought back to you.


If I knew what safety looked like I would have spent less time falling into arms that were not.

Not all toxic people are

cruel and uncaring. Some

of them love us dearly.

Many of them have good

intentions. Most are toxic

to our being simply

because their needs and

way of existing in the

world force us to

compromise ourselves

and our happiness. They

aren't inherently bad

people, but they aren't

the right people for us.

And as hard as it is, we

have to let them go. Life

is hard enough without

being around people who

bring you down, and as

much as you care, you

can't destroy yourself for

the sake of someone else.

You have to make your

wellbeing a priority.

Whether that means

breaking up with

someone you care about,

loving a family member

from a distance, letting

go of a friend, or

removing yourself from a

situation that feels

painful - you have every

right to leave and create

a safer space for yourself.




To let go isn't to forget, 

not to think about, or

ignore. It doesn't leave

feelings of anger,

jealousy, or regret.

Letting go isn't winning,

and it isn't losing. It's

not about pride, and it's 

not about how you

appear, and it's not

obsessing or dwelling on

the past. Letting go isn't

blocking memories or

thinking sad thoughts,

and doesn't leave

emptiness, hurt, or

sadness. It's not giving in

or giving up. Letting go

isn't about loss and it's

not defeat. To let go is to

cherish memories, and

overcome and move on.

It's having an open mind

and confidence in the

future. Letting go is

accepting. It's learning

and experiencing and

growing. To let go is to

be thankful for the

experiences that made

you laugh, made you cry,

and made you grow. It's

about all that you have,

all that you will soon again.

Letting go is having the

courage to accept change,

and the strength to keep

moving. Letting go is

growing up. It's realizing

that the heart can

sometimes be the most

potent remedy. To let go

is to open a door, and to

clear a path, and to set

you free...




Remember how far

you've come, not just

how far you have to go.

You are not where you

want to be, but neither

are you where

you used to be.



" just tired "

she muttered

but you could tell

it was not just a lack

of sleep

but a lack of hope

and happiness

that made her

act the way she did



Ask yourself

if what you're doing

today is getting

you closer to where

you want to be