Status: Every one on witty are so gorgeous! really starting to get jealous!
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Hiya, I'm Melissa. I'm on here to help people out in life! I feel like it's the reason I'm show people how wounderful they really are! every one is gorgeous and every one is perfect so don't be afraid to say you love your self! because you should <3
Smile and live life free and if you need to talk, I'm here!
Every one desurves to smile..And that means you too! I know how it feels to want to be in peace...want to not pick up that sharp object...wanting to not break and hiding your pain untill you turn into a robot and can't feel...You can talk to me about anything! 
need to talk? I'm here.
I guess I should tell you a bit about my self, I'm 15 in October 15th 2013, I live in Northern Ireland! I have a wide taste but mostly love glam metal! I'm nice as long as your nice to me! I've been dating a guy for nearly 5 years! :D I have had very bad patchs in my life so I do know how you feel and I am here! I hate my name so please don't call me it ahha (:

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