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Quotes by Melisaa

teacher: A picture is worth a thousand words

*Teacher gives out a 1000 word assignment*

Me: *Hands a picture*

Me: A picture is worth a thousand words

I like it when it's stormy.
The sky is gray and dark,
and when I stare up at it,
it makes me feel like there's
another sad soul staring
back at me.
It makes me feel
Like I'm not the only sad one,
sinking in darkness,
And I want to help
that other soul.

. .
If you were born on April 1st,
Does that mean your birth was a joke?

. .
I'm like a lit cigarette,

Slowly disappearing...

        In reality, no one cares about you but yourself.
        You have to put in the effort to make friends who you think will be there for you,
        and help you out through stuff, but they will eventually leave.
        Like everyone else will in your life. They will disappear and it’ll just be dust.
        The memories still replaying in your head like a broken record,
        and it gets harder every time.


Teacher: What do you want to do when you grow up?
Me: I'm already doing it.
Teacher: And what are you doing?
Me: Blogging.
If you unfollow me,
I will find you,
and i will kill you.

When the only person to post 'Happy Birthday' on your facebook wall is your mom.

Don't blame me for your sexual tension. 
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A  big  thank  you,

to my school for not blocking witty profiles.