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hey, im melissa :)

i'm a girl, thirteen years young
and always trying to have a good time;
im always up for anything!

the thing i most want to do
is learn to listen to my heart

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The Quotes I Live By;;

--When someone talks behind your back, just remember,
because your ahead of them.

-- Playing it safe
is the most popular way to fail
~Elliot Smith

-- && what doesn't kill us,
only makes us stronger

cause you dont wanna
regret not taking the chance

&& plenty, plenty more..



Quotes by MelissaMargarita17

> Live Your Life <
Because that's all any of us can do.
Is just keep living..

: i only got three hours of sleep because of you last night,
: It sucked cause im
: But truthfully it was amazing
thinking about you :)


awwwww ilovehim :]

hate watching the secret life of an american teenager
all because Amy is such a snotty brat?
But you can't not watch it cause, i mean,
everybody does!

When life has you down and your
friends aren't helping.
All I can say is just keep telling yourself,
'I'll live, It's not a big deal'
and just keep thinking
 + positive +
Because every negative
has an upside :)

Don't go through life


&& I believe it doesn't matter who you think about all day long..
The only person that matters is the last person on your mind

as you drift off to dream*

Yeah, so maybe there are
friend problems,
endless drama.
But honestly,
these are the

best years oour lives..