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hey, im melissa :)

i'm a girl, thirteen years young
and always trying to have a good time;
im always up for anything!

the thing i most want to do
is learn to listen to my heart

bff:: itssarahhxx7
check her out! :) 

The Quotes I Live By;;

--When someone talks behind your back, just remember,
because your ahead of them.

-- Playing it safe
is the most popular way to fail
~Elliot Smith

-- && what doesn't kill us,
only makes us stronger

cause you dont wanna
regret not taking the chance

&& plenty, plenty more..



Quotes by MelissaMargarita17

How many people
Make you feel rare
And pure and special?
How many people can
Make you feel



::How many people can
::make you feel rare 
::and pure and special? 
::How many people can 
::make you feel   


marley and me :)

I know that
as soon ai let go
he will run back.
And not running with him
will be the hardest thing I’ve had to do yet...

spacings gay sorry
Ever wonder how many tears
 teenage girls across the world cry every night?

Life is like math::
When you’ve done it before, it’s easy because you are experienced.
But when you have never had this
type of problem you don’t know what to do,
therefore you seek help.
&& there are also those
problems that have no solution
(sort of like love)
+ You just have to try and forget about it
and live your life.


at one point or another every girl wants to be a mother.
After the big fight with her own mom
& thinking how much she
truely needs her.
Or maybe they realize it when their
guidence is lost when her mother passes away.
But every girl's wish is to be a mother
maybe since you were little,
maybe just for a moment,
or maybe

i know its retarded haha :p

Tell the truth or I’m
problems are
born when

 ( c h a n g e  o c c u r s )

The only word I have for you?

I’ve never been
one to draw hearts
around your name
or write Mrs. So and so.
But trust me;
you’re still on my mind
every second of every day
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