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hey, im melissa :)

i'm a girl, thirteen years young
and always trying to have a good time;
im always up for anything!

the thing i most want to do
is learn to listen to my heart

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The Quotes I Live By;;

--When someone talks behind your back, just remember,
because your ahead of them.

-- Playing it safe
is the most popular way to fail
~Elliot Smith

-- && what doesn't kill us,
only makes us stronger

cause you dont wanna
regret not taking the chance

&& plenty, plenty more..



Quotes by MelissaMargarita17

Tough Times Never Stay,
 But Tough People Do.
remember that
and you will have
the courage to get thru

the impossible...

Everyone used to tell me things like
'Oh, you two will be together forever.'
'You're perfect for one another!'
but, somewhere
between all those remarks,
and now, let me tell ya,
>> its even harder to let go of him <<

witty    is    a    web    site.
Everyone can put 
whatever they want on it
and no one should have the right to
make another quote mocking it.
((  its wrong and just plain rude  ))

uggh people are retarded sometimes..

i hate when everyone in your
school finds out about witty.
Because then nothing is

personal anymore..

blah, hate it :/

just because you 
make one mistake
doesn't mean you
throw your
whole life away..


ehhh badd.. :/

That's not a big problem.
A big problem is like,
well, if you butt fell off.

full house

You do your thing,                              ----
                                \ _ _ _ >                                                                              I’ll do mine.

You go your way,                                                                                        ----
        \ _ _ _ >                      I’ll go mine.

And if we end up together,

when your a kid,
you see everything as
right or wrong,

black or white...

i want a guy that loves me. 
|a guy that is okay with just talking
|a guy that likes whats inside of me
|a guy that wont get mad if i have friends that are boys
|a guy that can open up to me
|a guy that i can trust with all of my heart
|a guy that only occasionally calls me hot but beautiful all the time
|a guy that really does care
|a guy that will choose me over his friends
|a guy that will call me at 3am to tell me he misses me

okay, really girls?

      cut the guy some slack.

-he is a boy with hormones going completely wild, he is not gonna be able to talk to
-you with his hands in his lap.
-theres gonna have to be atleast a 60% physical attraction of you to him
-if theres one thing i have learned about boys, its that they get jealous, and they get
-jealous fast. you might not want to talk about you guy friends to him uhmm...drama!
-to guys, talking about feelings takes away their masculinity. dont ask for them to open up,
-they will
on their own
-you can trust guys with your secrets, but for them not to go out and have fun with other girls
-no, you can't trust them with that one. no matter how much it hurts...
-beautiful? uhmmm 1900s much?
-ever heard of 'chicks before dicks' ? yeah, thats the rule.. they live it, love it, and follow
- it..100%

so really girls, boys come from a
whole different planet than us.
Don't look for a prince charming
or you might just miss out on a great guy :)

an arena where
the drama subsides
and the anger you have inside
is put onto the ice.
&if someone you love
walks away
you always have skating friends
that help you get through
the impossible.

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