Status: Music Is My Escape.<3
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I'm Melissa.
My all time favorite anything is always going to be Music.
I grew up on country music, but I can handle some othere types.
I love love quotes, and animals.
I'm an easy person to get along with, but as soon as you make me mad or start judging me, I'm quick to leave you.

Quotes by MelissaaAnnee.*

All acts in this world, are formed in your imagination💕💭

I call my best friend

Called this guy
I just meat
About a week ago,
No regrets.
I never thought that I would have to call the
On my brother.
The ♥rain♥ on my window,
Being mixed with my ♪music♪,
Is going to make me fall,
Not only ♥In Love♥,
Fast ♪Fast Asleep♪
This is what I want to do:
Get the truck of my dreams,
Fill it up with gas,
Pack some bags,
Grab my best friend,
Blare country music,
Drive so far down backroads,
Get lost for a few days,
Fall in love,
And live♥
Cuddled up in bed,
Listening to country music,

This will turn out good, or really bad..

Im sorry if you're messaging me, I cant find how to open it..