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Quotes by Mencius

Say it outloud in a british accent really fast.

Fave if you get it ;)

                                -Conversation between my sister and her bestfriend-

                         My sister: Hey did you see Justin Bieber's boyfriend?!
                         Her bestfriend: WTF?! DUDE I THOUGHT HE WAS WITH SELENA?!
                         My sister:
                         Her bestfriend:
                         Justin Bieber:
                         Selena Gomez:
                         My sister:
...... That wasn't exactly what I meant..

There are 3 types of people in the world..
1. Those who understand Maths
2. Those who don't understand Maths


                                                   Rebecca Black: It's Friday!~ Frida-
                                                   Me: Dude. Chill. Its Thursday.  

Me: *Relaxing on the couch watching TV*
Dad: Aren't you ever gonna study?
Me: What for?
Dad: So you can get good grades ofcourse
Me: And?
Dad: And get into a good college and have a good job
Me: And what will I get?..
Dad: A good salary.. You'll be able to buy your own house and car..
Me: And then?
Dad: You'll be able to relax and have a good life without worrying..
Me: And what am I doing right now?...

*Trolled xD

                                                  Me:  *studying for 2 hours*
                                                                   Me: *recieves text* *starts to reply*
                                                                   *mom comes in*
Aren't you ever gonna study?!
                                                  Me:              -.-    

Forgetting the quote you wanted to add right after logging in...

in every conversation between husband and wife,

the man always has the last say -

Yes Dear.