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Heya Guys,,,

I'm a teenage girl living in London.
I aspire to be a singer or an actress.
Not to metion I'm a Directioner and Belieber

Quotes by MiaBell

So again, Single helping everyone else out with there relationships...


Oh and the boy I like, yeh he likes some other girl
How doomed would you be if your mind could be read..
We all have been in the friendzone...
one time or another
When I see you
My heart breaks
When I see you
I get butterflies in my tummy
When I see you
I know you'd never want me!
I want you like sooo bad
You know I like you
But it'll never happen
Because we're just friends
I know we only met but let's pretend it's love...

P.S I Love You
Hey I'm new to witty any advice???