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I have lots of friends but the ones I always count on and know all my secrets they are originals

Danika ~ DanikaLee123
Rebecca ~ rawrXD

and Mariah

They complete me with every advice, inside jokes,  andmemories

My insparation is Marilyn Monroe shes a role model

and the boy I'm in love with Aubrey Leake Hes my world, a best friend and just always there for me and his kisses, well let's just say when it happens I want to freeze time forever!♥♥

Favorate singer is Chris Drew ((NeverShoutNever)) 



Quotes by MicaylaLovesFletcher


Long but worth readingg//

So we live over a thousand miles away from eachother

And we date
we talk on skype for at least 2 hours daily

And half the time were not even talking
We're listening to music, Making silly face, Making hearts with our hands and blowing kisses at eachother♥

We've known eachother for 6 months and I'm in lovee
Can I get some favs to prove long distance can work and love does exist


So am I the only one
That wonders
How girls delt with there Periods
Back when there were no pads or tampons?

Clickk the Organn
(Minee I think))

not my format  

He might be the
Singer ever
But when he sings me our song I can't help but smile♥

You know you got it bad

When even a poptart

Makes you think of him

--------------- ---------------


 And he still believes


Is drowing


Long but worth reading

So over the summer there was a boy visiting his home town. There was a girl who lived there her whole life and they never knew eachother till one night. At the relay for life in their town she was hanging with her friends. He was playing football in the feild without a care in the world. When he first looked at her he had hope that this girl would be his and the moment she looked at him she knew love was there. At the end of the night she had talked to him once and asked for his number and it was the smartest choice she ever made. The next night her and her bestfriend were planning on going to the movies and so was him and his friend. They all went together and her bestfriend wispered to him" she likes you" he thought for a moment and wispered back "Its okay I like her too". He was going back in two days and she thought they wouldnt meet until next summer but he came back in the winter. They relived a memory and all four of them went to the movie. They kissed and that night she felt sparks and he kept looking in her eyes. "He finally said "Your eyes are like the sea I can't help but get lost in them and I have to say, Your beautiful" He left to go back home the next day and she cried herself to sleep every night. She burned her wrist and wouldnt smile for days she layed there all alone and her friends were worried. They knew him and her talked every night and he cut himself over her and knew he couldnt live without her with him. They were in love and they were that cute country couple everyone adored. When he comes back she told everyone they were gonna be together and that was a promise. He promised to love her till the day god takes him from her. Their love is stronger than anything. Wanna know something that girl is me.
This is just the start of my story that has  no end.


I have a theory

That somewhere inside every guy

They are a little bit


I say were too young and too far away
 He says age and distance are just numbers
 All that matters is our love for eachother
- - - - - - - ♥
- - - - - - - 
not my format