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"When i was little, my dad said the key to life, was happiness. One day in school the teachers gave us an assignment and said write down what you want to be when you get older. I wrote down happy. They said i didn't understand the assignment. I said they didnt understand the meaning of life." ~john Lennon

Who Ever thought the happiest man in the world could make up the saddest quote?

" I like to stand out in the rain so no one can see my tears of you." ~ Mr. Bean


1) No body can open their mouth all the way and stick their toung past their lips.
2) 90% of you just tried that
3) 100% just learned it was false
5) a simple majority of you just laughed
6) most people didnt notice we skipped # 4
6)Most of you went back and checked
7) Most of you also missed we skipped # 2
8)Got you again
9) But did you catch the repeating 6?
10) you looked, didnt you?

Kim Kardashian's marriage
was shorter than the pause dora makes when she askes kids a question


If Your Sexy And Ya
Know It Clap Your Hands!

<3 if you clapped your hands



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This Is The Key To My Heart

Dont Take It And Run.

Take It And Never Let It Go.

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My Heart Is A Puzzle
Your The Missing Piece

When a girl gets hacked by her friends,

Heyyyy girl its me! ily!!!!!!!! <3


When a guy gets hacked by his friends,




so one
day a group of
prostitutes were arrested. one
of the prostitutes grandma said
"Why are all of you sitting in a line?" she replied "um we are buying oranges." grandma said
" I will buy one too!" the cope came and said " how do you do it? your so old!" she said " well i just pull out my dentures and suck em dry!" the cop fainted....