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Welcome, the host is not available now.... but go ahead,make yourself at home, get comfortable, you know relax, take your top off... wait wait wait, scratch that, what i meant is : Do you want some cup cake?    ^.^ 



Quotes by Mickly94

If one of these words
is describing you

Beautiful, pretty, cute, stunning, wonderful, gorgeous, charming, funny, lovely, glowing, striking, amazing, fine-looking, attractive, handsome, picturesque, scenic, delightful, charming, exquisite, pleasing, superb, magnificent, hot, Sexy.

comment if you want to add more words to the list.


I admit jealousy over your bf/gf is bad thing, but loving you is another story!

At first, We're

Stranger Friend Best Friend
& GF Friend Stranger

Now, we back to where we started
e here

If i can steal one thing from you, i would steal your heart.
If one day you're dying from heart disease, please let me replace it with my heart.

I believe love
does exist
on Earth