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Welcome, the host is not available now.... but go ahead,make yourself at home, get comfortable, you know relax, take your top off... wait wait wait, scratch that, what i meant is : Do you want some cup cake?    ^.^ 



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why does everyone
want their love to be like a movie,
when it only lasts 2 hours?

"Help your Uncle Jack off a horse"

"Help your uncle jack off a horse"

-Capitalization saves lifes.


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I already miss school..

the awkward moment when Brono mars drops the grenade 
the awkward moment when Jakie Jan reambers the price tag
the awkward moment when Justin Bieber says never
the awkward moment when Katie Perry isn't in California
the awkward moment when the new boys are in the front seat
the awkward moment when emeinem dosent need a doctor 


Theres NO Such Thing As An UGLY SMILE :) 
no my format  
It's so hard to
 find a friend
 that's :

99.9% sexy
98% smart
97% sweet
& 100% amazing
So don't you
 ever lose me . (;

good now im special (; you're Wen<3 ahah awwh i was born in texas. i was adopted. i think im sick and i cry everynight. i hate a lot of peoplebut shall never show it. i sing dance act and play soccer. and volleyball i hate basketball with a passion. im 14 tomorrow(: i havnt cried in the past 5 nights. im proud i cry everynight because of my 'best friend' i love harryt potter he is life and i wanna go to hogwarts, i have an unhealthy obsession with him. i love powerrangers and narniaa. christian beadles is sexy and i have about 3 boyfriends but they dont know were going out(: thats not even half.

So uhh...
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