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idek anymore :P

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want to be my wedding song
everythings changed:/ he changed:/ i still love him, but its not the same for him :/ its been months :/ i gotta move on...
i hoped i wouldnt have fell back into it, but i ended up going back to a place where i nvr wanted to be again, and its not ur fault im here, its mines...
im addicted!
 alone now, knew that was gonna happen XD still love u and i cant help it, i love you, i love you, i love you, you accidently brushed ur shoe against my leg and my heart skipped a beat, i miss u nick. i feel like the only one who wants this relation ship. IM SORRY NICK, for hurting u, for ruining you, but i want u, i need u. you made my world brighter and now its just dark again, im alone :) 
damn now im even more heart broken, hahaha its funny right, bc its not like ur tryna get back wit me right XD
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