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idek anymore :P

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Sometimes you miss the memories,
not the person.

What should I say and where do I begin? As I meet the eyes that only see me, I feel a smile come on that weighs me down. This automatic response that makes your eyes twinkle. I have to stop doing this. I've ordered your favourite but I'm worried you won't like it when this dinner ends. All the words I've kept hidden. The thoughts my foolish heart has tried to overcome. I think I will share them tonight. A silence has fallen over us. How do I say it without breaking down? How do I leave you behind without hurting you? For you, loving was something light and beautiful. But for me it was a heavy and difficult feeling. What came easily to your heart had confused and tired mine. I can't wrap this up nicely. I can't do this anymore. What was supposed to be love has left me suffocated as I smile before you. This automatic response that keeps me here. I keep smiling at you like an idiot.

I want an ocean dress. I want to splash
in the waves in a bathing suit that looks
like a dress. I want to look like a princess. 


might mess around and..

promote peace & positivity
"Where do you want to go?
That place you mentioned...want to go with me?
I could take you.
From now on, instead of
and me, how about us?"
- 2PM : HOW IS IT?
i was told onece at my friends funeral to throw myself on her cofin and yell WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I tried to kidnap a blacksmith, but when I turned my back, he made a bolt for the door.


    i'm 18!    March 7.
Writing this on 4/14/20 late af lol

It wasn't easy getting to where i am now, i will admit. I'm definitely happier than i have been in years.

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I'm currently 1 year, 6 months and 25+ days clean. My biggest accomplishment.
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A quote i've been going by for a while now is, "Remember and appreciate the small, good things in life. You'll smile more."
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Something I think I really want to say is, "K, I miss you. It'll be our 2 years anniversary on the 30th of this month, April. It's been a year, 3 months, and 23+ days since we lost connection. Please. Come back. I doubt you'll ever see this, but i just need to know you're okay. I miss you. More than anything and anybody. I told you you're irreplaceable. Hell, I wont even use your heart on anybody else. I miss you. I love you. Always and literally forever. I promised, and this is a promise i can't break because I emotionally will never get over you. You've been my best friend forever. I miss you. Come back. Please. Come back for me...
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I wanted to thank everyone especially. This is my therapy when I couldnt talk to anyone. This was my diary, even though its all online and for the world to see. I'll still come by time to time.
I'm almost done with high-school and things are just weird, but we're getting to our goals.

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In, other words...
I'm proud of myself.
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Anyone want to be online friends? whats your @ on social media? needing to people to talk with.
when you left you thought I’d sit
and you thought I’d wait
and you thought I’d cry,
you called me a dumb blonde
but somehow I lived through it
& you know if there’s one thing
this blonde has learned:
blondes have more fun

♡  D o l l y   P a r t o n  â™¡