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I'm a 17 year old from Montreal Canada and well a friend, kidlizzie on here if you want to look her up, said I should make an account. I already have a tumblr on www.mikegoodheart.tumbler.com if you want to check it out and/or follow, I always follow back. I mostly write poetry but I'm also into writing strories on the odd occasion. And well that's about it enjoy!

Quotes by Mikegoodheart

Freedom with a heavy conscience is like a bird with a weight strapped to it's leg, no matter how hard you fly, it'll catch up to you eventually.

I try and keep my big mouth shut
but my mind is bubbling with words
I try and keep my distance but
what I know best ends up blurred

because when I see those gold eyes
or that breathtaking smile I freeze
I forget the lows and remember highs
all the bad is gone on the breeze

if you hear a crack when you leave
dont look back, you'll see me grieve
for when you turn your back, walk away
my heart bleeds, I just wish you'd stay

When my heart turns and I'm angry
it melts away right when you look at me
I cant stand to stay too far too long
if I did it would simply feel wrong

you know everyone says being a guy is easy... and guys think so too... at least until they find a woman that no other can even come close to compare too. She's not perfect true, but her quirks are what make her so amazing. Blinded by love she becomes your heart's obsession.... then she breaks it. See because she sees you as a friend. why? because you're too nice, waited too long didn't want to rush things and you slipped out of her mind and she becomes your heart's lament...... though your heart has been shredded to pieces it perseveres its too dumb to realize it should just forget and move on and you watch as she gives hers away. Not to just anyone, the worst of the worst, and you watch as, just like yours, hers is broken. She returns to her closest and most loyal friend, battered and bruised and as you soother her aches and heart pains she asks why all men are jerks and why she can never find the right one and that's because she isn't looking at the right place.


check it out I write quite a bit of poetry and I just want you to look at it.......come on......dont be lazy......you know you want to......just go.....itll take 2 minutes of your life and you might find something you like......please? :( if you're reading this its cuz you havent gone yet....... or have you?....just go......please? D:..... PWWEEEEEEASE? D:.......... its not that hard and you wont lose anything if you do!