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Hello there, Lovelies!
Hey there, Beautiful!
Hi! My name is Samantha but I prefer Sam. I'm 15 and my birthday is October 30th, 1996. Any twins? I live in Massachusetts. I play clarinet, guitar, flute, trumpet, and keyboard. At the moment, I dance ballet(pointe), jazz, and tap. In the past, I've done hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and acrobatics. I've been dancing for 11 years and I can't imagine my life without it. I marching in the Blackstone-Millville Regional Marching Band. We compete in NESBA, USSBA, BOA, and MICCA. It's my 4th season and my section is my family. I play in my high school's advanced wind ensemble, which is one of the best ensembles in the state. I also preform with the Blackstone-Millville Regional Winter Guard. This past season, I was on rifle line. I loved it because I'm the only person to ever do rifle that doen't spin in outdoor. I can efforlessly do a turn-around, 1 1/2 45, and double on flag. I have 3 seasons of winter guard and those girls are also my family. I'm officially a junior! My friends mean to world to me. I love to read and write. I have over 100 books. I have an amazing boyfriend, 6/5/13. He always knows how to make me smile.