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Quotes by MissBookSmart

Everybody is different.
Each person has a unique personality.
And as a society we state opinions and beliefs.
People can share the same beliefs and others can be against them.
Every single day I face arguments and bickering about 'abortion', 'gay marriage', 'whether there is a God', and many more.
Just stop.
We are all human. We are each an individual. We need to allow each other to be and individual and human.
If you want to change something or you don't like something about the world,
don't just complain about it.
Be The Change You Want to Make
My friend hasn't read the Harry Potter books, nor has she seen the movies.
This girl is seriously deprived.
There is a commercial for Oreos that says to share your Oreos with people.
One does not easily share one's Oreos. 
McDonald's should have corn dogs on their menu and call them the McDog. 
Then again, maybe they shouldn't.

Seeing what McDonald's puts in their food, they might actually put real dog meat in them.

So maybe not, I mean, dogs are awesome! You can't put them in our food!
Almost everyone in my class is sick.
I just want to feel loved.
I am a perfectionist,
but I am extremely lazy.
It's torture for me.
You can't spell
I think that a really spectacular invention would be a
waterproof laptop.
You could be listening to Pandora and be on witty,
all while washing your hair. 

That. Would. Be. Awesome!