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Quotes by MissDiorCherie

Take My Heart
x If you like the beat x

[no credit, just wanted 2 save it]

Call me
(( Baby ))
Forgive & Forget
        Forgive myself for being stupid,
              Forget you ever existed.

[just made it pretty]
  Do you still Think Of Me**..
                        Like I think about you 

     Do you still Dream Of Me**..
                  'Cause I can't sleep without you 
Time is running out of the hour glass -**..

                      Don't sit around
      And wait for the last grain to pass.
                             *  ღ 

What's the sense in making  promises
If you not even intend to
keep them?  x3
And I finally realized I've had enough of your
   Empty Promises.

My paradise isn't on the beach..
[it's in his arms]

- no credit -
I might forgive
       *>> but I won't forget <<*