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Heyas :) 
#nohate , So WAZAP :P I'm Katie :) And From
I hate Long Distant Relationships ...
The fridge is so far away from my couch - Brent Rivera 


Quotes by MissKatiePayne

                                                                              I'm only Human
                      And I bleed when I fall down 
-Christina Perri <3 <3
Men trust their ears less than their eyes. - Herodotus
that feeling you get 
you make eye contact 
some one you were one 
friends with .....

Miley Cyrus couldnt stay "Hannah Montana" forever
She had to grow up
She lost her innocence 

Dad : We need to get SUGAR  on the way home !
Me : :O Sugar !!?? --------- I mean -- Oh yeah , ok . 
I was in class and a boy was sitting beside me 
Boy: You have tons of spots
Me : You have loads of freckles
Boy: Don't talk about my freckles
Me: Don't talk about my spots 

Look up on Google : 
Where Is Chuck Norris ?

Click on the first Option , 


Regreting something you didn't do , 
But every one said to do it:
Worst feeling right now :L
When you and a person 
from the other gender 
look at eachother 

Boy : Forgets about it the whole day

Girl : Thinks about that look for a month

Just after reading loads of my quote
comments .................... 
I'm feeling sad  now :(