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Hey I'm Brittany :D

-Nala     -Miss Lioness     -Britty Ly     -Britain     -Britsicle     -Britanica     -punk     -britty poo     -brit     -Frick     -peanut      -grape jelly     -spaz     -brittany boo     -brittany bug     -badger     -badge     -creeper     -light buddy     -art buddy     -britt     -ninja elf     -elf     -ni(e)lf      -brittbritt

I love music (some would even say im a bit obsessed with it). I love a lot of music that doesn't make any sense together.
-The Beatles     -Taylor Swift     -Justin Bieber     -Relient K
-Mayday Parade     -Dashboard Confessional     -The Who
-NeverShoutNever     -A Day To Remember     -Dream Theater
-Aerosmith     -The All-American Rejects     -All Time Low
-Boys Like Girls     -News Boys     -Anberlin     -Skillet     -RED
-Creed     -Daughtry     -The Script     -Snow Patrol     -Lifehouse
-Linkin Park     -Nickelback     -3 Doors Down     -Jason Derulo
-Drake     -Christina Perri     -Lady Gaga     -n*sync     -Adele
-Bruno Mars     -Pink     -Avril Lavigne      -Katy Perry     -Eminem
-Coldplay     -Iron and Wine     -Train     -Cute is what we aim for
-Death cab for cutie     -Enrique Iglesias     -Usher     -Jason Mraz
-Leona Lewis      -One Republic     -Selena Gomez     -B.O.B
-Red Jumpsuit Apparatis     -Chris Tomlin     -Corey Asbury
-Kutless     -Sugarland     -Avenged Sevenfold     -Daft Punk
-3 Days Grace     -Tae Yang     -Abandon All Ships     -Christina Grimmie
-Alex Goot     -Sam Tsui     -Tyler Ward     -He Is We     -Action Item
-Joe Brooks     -Michael Grimm  -Ed Sherran  -Cher Lloyd  -One Direction

sorry the list is like a mile long :P

I'm from Ohio.

My favorite color is purple.

I love to use words that people don't use very much such as snazzy, nifty, blasphamy, and shinanagans.

I love singing but I have realllllly bad stage fright so most people never hear me sing

I've been trained vocally since 3rd grade and instrumentally since 5th.

I've been told that I always try to be strong and that I don't always have to, that it's okay to break down and cry sometimes.

I don't think I'm pretty...people tell me i am all the time...but i can't seem to make myself believe it...but i am working on that.

I'm totally in love with God.

I'm 18.

I'm taken by this boy who will always be my bestfriend.  I love him so much.

My best friend is awesome without the sauce :) (sillyry) :D

I love meeting new people so talk to me and i'll talk back :)

I'm a pessamist.

I'm extremly random...so if you'e ever talking to me and I say stuff like "zombie unicorns" or "panda waffles" its not me being weird, its me being me...or is it both...i have no idea.

If you need anyone to talk to about anything I'll be here for you :)

soooo yea :)
8-12-11 (:

Quotes by MissLioness

I'm hurting, but I'm gonna smile and pretend to be okay until I actually am.


 Ok  so I'm going to bed, 
but  I've been crying all day
and  it  would  be  nice  if  you  girls  and  guys  could 
give  me  something to  smile  about  when  I  wake 
up in the  morning...


...I'm falling apart

I feel so broken...

know I
said I was
fine, but can't you tell that I lied?

Hey you! yea you...I like your face :)

Butterfly Effect

Be a part of the butterfly effect. Draw blue butterflies on your wrists to show your support for those who have depression and/or self injure. The purpose of this day is to show support for those who need it (even if it is for yourself) and let these individuals know that there are people who support them and that they are not alone. Self-injuring behaviors are quite often addictive and very difficult to stop. Those that self injure are much more likely to overcome their habits if they know that they will be supported in their recovery efforts.

All those other girls

well they're beautiful

but would they write a song for you?

There is nothing new except what is forgotten

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