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You don't know your beautiful<3
The names Megyn Im obsessed with One Direction just thought you should know. Thats all you need to know. If you want to know more just ask(:

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Quotes by MissMegynn

I was just another promise you couldnt keep...<3

If it helps... I think your beautiful:)

You go Glenn Coco!

Fav if you know where this is from(: 
Who else wants 'The Last Song' kind of love?
Best things in life...
having no homework
being able to sleep in
finding the jeans that fit perfectly
putting on sweat pants after wearing jeans all day
receiving hand written love letters
going to the mall with your friends and have money to buy stuff 
and having a boy call you beautiful<3 

I dont know whats more awkward answering to dora, or sitting in silence will she stares at you...

Who started this Fuckary?
Fav if you know where this is from(;

If a guy can't handle a girl in sweat pants he sure as hell dosn't deserve her in a wedding dress♥