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You don't know your beautiful<3
The names Megyn Im obsessed with One Direction just thought you should know. Thats all you need to know. If you want to know more just ask(:

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MissMegynn's Favorite Quotes

Family: "You're so pretty! I bet all of the guys are after you!"

School: "Someone poke it with a stick and see if it bites

How to get newspaper-print nailpolish.
(this is really easy & I wanted to share).

you need nailpolish, newspaper, & rubbing alcohol/vodka
(water also works for this, but not as well.)

step one:
paint your nails in a light color like white, pale pink etc.
wait for it to dry.

step two:
dip your nail in the alcohol for 5-10 secs.

step three:
press the newspaper onto your nail. hold for 10 secs.

step four:
pull the newspaper off - your polish now has writing on it.

then wait for it to dry & paint a clear top coat over.


How dknohwamy first love?
  because he was the  f i r s t  boy who ever told me I was beautiful and actually made me believe it. He was my      
  f i r s t  t h o u g h t  i n  t h e  m o r n i n g,  and my last thought before I [fell asleep.] Because he texted me good
  morning, beautiful & I knew [ could make i] through the whole day with a smile. Because even holding his hand
  made my heart start racing in my chest. He was the first boy I ever (cried) myself to sleep over. He could laugh            
  and my whole day would be made. He was the first guy to call me b a b e} But, most of all, I know it was love
  because even though he isn't here  and he doesn't  l o v e  me  a n y m o r e,  I still fall asleep at night wondering
  if he still cares, and if he wishes that we had never |[(broken up.)]|  because I do. All the time.      ///////////////////
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Let's play yes or no.

Rules: You can only say 'YES' one time & 'NO' one time.

 Are you pretty?   ______ 
   Are you lying?  ______

Will you go out with me?

A: Yes
B: A
C: B


The less you give a damn,
                     the happier you will be.

The most beautiful girls
are the ones that have more to offer

than just looks.


Josh:This is the worst, birthday, ever.
Drake:Because you ran over Oprah?

Josh:No, because it's a little humid outside - - - YES BECAUSE I RAN OVER OPRAH!!!!



One Directiofact #46
Interviewer: If you could be any piece of furniture, what would you be?

Harry: I'd be a bed, because people have .. fun times on me.

Louis: What, so you'd like to be involved just by being there? You'd like to be used?

Harry: .. Yeah.


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One Directiofact #43
The youngest Niall, Harry and Liam would date is 14,
for Zayn it's 16, and 17 for Louis.


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