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Quotes by MissMicky754

Do you know what it is

like you when your own Mother calls you psycho? When she

can’t even communicate to you without yelling at you?

You can’t.

When your best friend is talking behind your back? To the boy you

like dating your best friend.

It’s impossible.

Saying your last goodbyes to your Father just before his death.

Having to bring your little sister up while your Mother is lying

in her bedroom battling depression.

It’s hard.

It’s hard to keep going, being that daughter who gets the

best marks in school. The one that gets into university. The one

without a boyfriend in high school.

The one that has to please her Mother and gets judged for

everything she does by her own Mother.

Having no one besides her

and having to grow up by herself.  

It’s sad.

But the secret is….




A Bird Sitting

on a tree is never afraid of
the branch breaking because
her trust is not in the branch
but in her own wings.

Believe In Yourself


Dear My So Called Friend.

I'm not going to say to you that I'm angry and that I hate you for
what you have done to me, but I'm not going to let you hurt me
anymore. Everything single guy that I have liked you have to
tease and flirt with them till they have fallen for you.
You always have to act like that dumb !d!ot. You act fake. And you are
losing everyone around you. Why can't you see that?
You have hurt me too long.

Dear Formal Date That Said That Its Over

You were the one who asked me. You said that I should go
with someone else over a small thing that I was involved with.
It was over a small text that was sent out to ten of our friends.
You snitched on my friends and got three of them
suspended for two weeks. You could of got me suspended.
And you were lucky I didn't. And threatening me saying that,
"I wouldn't mess with me, you don't know what you are messing with..."
I do know what i'm messing with, a snitch. That's all you are to me now.
A lying snitch that can grow some balls because you don't obviously have any.

Dear Life,
Why couldn't it be easier?

I need your help!!

I have to pick a nickname for my senior jersey and I have no idea what to get

So I need ideas :)
I need your help!!

I have to pick a nickname for my senior jersey and I have no idea what to get

So I need ideas :)

Something happened on
Monday that really

shocked me I guess, one of my closest friends admitted that
he was gay and he was proud of it. He's always been the loud,
sweet hearted guy that you could talk to for hours.
That wasn't the part that shocked me, the part that shocked me
the most was that everyone of his friends and my friends didn't mind,
they didn't unfriend him or anything except that one guy.
He was being the biggest d/ck about it behind his back.
Why? I have no idea. But I stood up for my friend, I was so close to slapping
that guy and I am one of the least violent people out there.
But what he said hurt me. I know that everyone has their opinion but
talking about this sort of subject is sad.
My friend came up to me crying and thanked me.

I'm proud of you, Chris. And you probably never see this,
but ignore the bullies and I am always there for you.

Promises are just lies in disguise.

Never let success

get to your head


Forgive them

even if they are
not sorry

I belong with you,

You belong with me,

My sweetheart <3