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Quotes by MissMicky754

Happy Australia Day

I just want to say thank you to everyone who made
Australia as it is today.


I like the way he puts a tad too much hair gel in and when it begins to dry, a single piece at the front falls onto his forehead. I like to fix it for him, but I like how he'll flick it forward once again after I put it back into place.
I like the times when we watch movies, but he doesn't watch them because he's too busy cutely attempting to land popcorn on my tongue and making sure I'm comfortable.
I also like the times he tells me he's going to take me to Paris one day, and kiss me underneath the Eiffel Tower at midnight while everyone else is fast asleep. I like those times.
And he's different because I know that one day we're actually going to go there, and he's actually going to kiss me underneath the Eiffel Tower at midnight while everyone is fast asleep.

Just us. It's different. He's different.


Kiss thy lips and you will see what thou create.



Falling for someone is the most wonderful, yet the scariest feeling in the world.

When you're not sure where life will lead but it's too much of an exciting adventure for you to care. When just the sight of someone makes your heart race; when hearing them say your name gives you butterflies. You get all these odd little feelings, and you're happy. But there's a little bitter feeling when you're apart, that tries to discourage you. But then you see the other person again, and everything is better, everything is perfect.


Endless laughs.

Don't you love that? When you & your friend are just making jokes & you can't stop laughing?
You laugh until you fall, or until you start tearing up & when you finally stop laughing,
you look at each other again, & you laugh even more? Yeah, those kind of laughs.



They tell me to be discreet for all intended purposes. They tell me revenge is sweet and from where they stand, I'm sure it is. But I feel nothing for their game, where beauty goes unrecognized.

When your mind is a mess, so is mine.
I can't sleep, cause it hurts when I think.
My thoughts aren't at peace.
With the plans that we make, the chances we take.
They're, not yours and not mine.
There's waves that can break.
All the words that we say.
And the words that we mean. Words can fall short.
Can't see the unseen. Cause the world is awake.
For somebody's sake now, please close your eyes boy.
Please get some sleep.

Having to choose between going out with friends or going to work

There are over 7 billion

people on Earth

and you're going to let 1 person ruin your day? DON'T


Dedicated to those who:

Have parents who will never understand them

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