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Quotes by MissMicky754


I Think Part Of The Reason

why we hold onto something so tight is because
we feat something so great won't happen

Making up a whole story in your head,
hoping one day it will happen

ove is our true destiny

We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone.....

e find it with another

She Turned Her Can'ts Into Cans

And her Dreams Into Plans

I want to be last, baby let me be your last first kiss
I want to be the first, to take it all the way like this
-One Direction

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I'm not as skinny as she is.
I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as she is.
I'm sorry I have gone through more than she has.
I'm sorry she is smarter than I am.
I'm sorry she is prettier than me.
I'm sorry.

But I am going to find someone better than you. Someone who will love me for who I am.

And I can't wait for that moment.

& today,

he asked her out, & she said yes.....

So I'm Sitting Here Crying.

While My Best Friend, Just Got Asked Out

By The Guy I Have A Crush On, And She Accepted.

We Have Been Friends For Three Years, And I Just Found Out On Facebook

But When She Has A Crush On A Guy, She Always Tells Me

Not To Go Out With Him Because Apparently It's Not Fair,

I Now Have To Pretend To Be Happy For Them,

This Is Going To Be So Hard

I've learned...

that my best friend
and I can do anything
or nothing and have
the best time.

"I would rather
fight with you,
than love anyone else."

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