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"I'm a Wittian now.
Wittians are cool"."

Hello, I'm at a loss for what to say here!!
I guess I could start by telling you
I'm in love with James Marsters, and his
band Ghost of The Robot,
Alex Day and Chameleon Circuit,
and Alex Carpenter.
By the way, you can call me Amy.
Doctor Who is my life, I can't even begin to explain
what it means to me.
I'm also a Whedonite and Cumbercookie!
And I hope you enjoy my quotes!
Check out my Fanfiction.net
account at: TheSlayerInTheTardis
And enjoy my fandom GIF's.

I love JESUSā™„
Put this as your status! 80% won't post it
because they're afraid to be laughed at; JESUS has said:
Deny me in front of your friends and I
will deny you in front of my Father.


Quotes by MissOpportunist

Pi r squared; Ain't no pi r round!

                                  2009: no hate comments
                                   2013: Lolz h8rz gonna h8!
Me: How do you know If you're staying inside too much?

Friend: If you you start getting dinner stains on your pyjamas, you're staying inside to much.
Me: Oh...
Friend: Please, go outise.

All guys want is se.x?  Well your dad is a guy and without him you would just be a nice idea.

Being tough to read and comunicate with does not make you crazy...
Showing up to somebody's house unannounced covered in knives and waffles, that makes you crazy.

- Mike Falzone.
I know it's late, but I'm really hoping to just brighten everone's day! Please help! You never know, you might just put a smile on someone's face.

Here's how it's going to work. Hit Comment. Click on the person bellow. Take a look-see of there page. And then comment them a compliment. Hopefully you'll get one in return!

I'll start! Please?
So I've been going on to my friend for months about how great Witty Profiles it, and I've been begging her to make an account. So finally, she does! And I'm like super pumped. When all of a sudden...
- There's A Witty War
- Everyone Leaves (Including Witty Populars)
- Quotes Get No Faves
- Cries For Help Are Ignored
- Hating And Bullying Is Standard
- Ouotes Get Jocked
- Witty Becomes Political
- Arguments Over Religion Make The Top Quotes Page
- And A Bunch Of Fake Guys Join To Flirt

I miss the old days.
Does anyone else know / love
Ghost Of The Robot?
For, like, months I had NO IDEA what kikwas.And all of a sudden everybodystarts going around saying "Someone Kik Me" And I was like WHAT???

Long story short, people don't like to be kicked.