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Shes so pretty,
you two look so

Time for me to move on now,
it was probably just a silly crush anyway

[x] [x] [x]

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Cause' I'd rather be

Then lose you
[x] [x] [x]

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Don't you understand the damage you have done?
For you it's just a memory...

But for me it still lives on.

I  t   's   t  ime   t  o  m o ve   on , even  t  hough   im   not   r eady

I   '  ve   got   to  be   st  r ong ,        and        t       r       u      s     t         w     h    e    r      e        y       o      u      '        r    e        h    e     a     d      i        n      g      ,

Even though its not easy, I know the right kind of love
Is a love that let's go. ***
She's not the type of girl who likes to tell the world the way she feels about herself.
If you never jumped from
couch to couch,
to avoid lava or sharks,
then you missed out on Childhood

it's really painful to say good bye

to someone that you dont wan't to
let go

But its even more painful to ask 
someone to stay,

[If they never wanted to stay.]


Cheers to the

new year

another chance

for us to get it right

Nobody has it easy, everybody has problems.
You don’t know what they go through.
Nobody is perfect, nobody deserves to be; [perfect.] 
So before you start
judging, criticizing, or mocking,
remember everybody is fighting
their own war.