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"Cheers to the freakin weekend(:"

About me:
Hi My name is Abby! I'm 14. I'm a freshman. I blow out the candles March 25. I love sports. Its my life. I play, Soccer, Basketball. Indoor&Outdoor track. &Cross country. :D I'm o 5’8. w/ blonde hair, and hazel colored eyes. I guess I'm one of those girls, who is nice to everyone, but doesn't know when to say no.I recently won hurdles for indoor track. At the SMMSAC. championship meet.:) My relay team also won! Woot woot! Also if any of you witty girls, or maybe guys, need someone to talk to, I'm here! I love helping people out w/ their problems. It makes me feel good:D

It all started sledding:
Hehe. Brendan is my boyfriend and he is simply amazing, I'm going threw and tough time right now, and he is helping me <3  I've had boyfriends in the past, and I'm not just saying this because he's my boyfriend right now, but I have to say, he's one of the best boyfriends I've EVER had. This is sad, but he's the first guy to have the balls and ask me out in person. The way he asked was amazing. Well first before I told you how he asked me, the day we started liking each other was when this other kid I kinda liked asked me to go sledding, and Instead of paying attetion to the other guy, I payed attetion to Brendan. & Soon later, the next time we went sledding he asked me out. We went down on a sled ride, and I saw this tree, and since I'm weird and all I wanted to climb it. So we went together over to the tree, and we both went up. First we were just talking about the cars passing and what color looks the best, then we stopped. We looked into each others eyes, then he asked me. Well you all know the answer, but after I had said yes, we were  kissing. It was the best kiss I've had in a long time. & I was now glad to call him my  boyfriend. We have been hanging out like almost everyday of the weekend. It's pretty siiick. We have our first favorite movie "Let me in" Which you may think is a horror movie, but it's really a love movie. We also have a song, "Pardon me" By "He is we". which is an awesome band. Yes we've been dating not that long, but I'm not scared to saaay that I love him. I've never said I love you the first week. Never everrr. It usually takes months, to feel this waay. This is how mucch  I like him, & How important he is to me. The last kisses were had were like heaven. We   may get into fights but its for the best. & We fight because we love each other<3 "I can taste you on my lips and it makes me sad" -He is we. <3 So we've been dating for almost 7moths now! WOOP WOOP, & we've never been so close. I go to his house at least 3-4 times a week. His parents adore me! They love me! Which is aweesome. They told me a couple of months ago, that when they first met me, (5th grade) they knew Brendan was gonna date me. I went camping w/ him at his family reunion, and I met his whole family. & I'm pretty sure they liked me! Brendan and & I think are gonna last a long time. Its almost been 9 months! Wow I feel like its been longer, but it hasn't! He's a special but good one. We've had ssoo many good times together, even before we started dating. He asked me out innna tree, in the winter..January 28th 2011 (:&I'll never forget that daay. I'm extremely comfty, with him. I can do anything with him & he wouldn't infront of me..well he does..but he's just kidding(: This may seem gross, and weird to other people but, i could really give a shit what other people think, but we fart and stuff around each other & thats what I love! I can be myself with you..So in other words, I loveyousooomuch babe(:I'm completely & madly in love w/ Brendan David Mercier<3 1.28.11 <3
 I have many friends who I love dearly. & I wanna thank everyone of them, for being here for me, and w/ out them, I really don't know where I'd be.:) One of my beeeest friends has a witty, Emily. She loves witty very  much, I swear its here life, but she's amazing at it & she makes amazing layouts Check her out! emiily13 !!!!! 


Quotes by MissmeMissmeNowyougottakissme

I wanto writ

"I miss you"
on a rock and throw it at you.
So you know how much it hurts to

Miss you.


nmq/ nmf


thina lot of over weight girls
are hypocrites

I'm naturally tall and skinny, I eat what I want, I don't starve myself, and I am beautiful.

So why are you allowed to love your 'curves' but its wrong for me to love my 'bones'? Why is it okay for you to call me anorexic, but horrible for me to call you fat?

If you can tell me to 'gain weight', why can't I tell you to lose weight?

If you can feel beautiful  for being big, I can feel beautiful for being small.

Get over it.

*Got this off facebook. & it makes a good point. I don't mean to start a fight. Just something to think about.


Deafellow wittians.
At this point in life, you are tired, and ready to curl up into a ball and fall asleep until summer.
But hang in there, the prison of school will let you out eventually.

 Summer will be here soon.

It doesn't matter what other people
it only matters what you think of you.
Don't change because of  one person


When  life  gives  you  a hudred reason s to  cry
show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.


---- Oncupon a time ----

a  p r i n c e   a s k e d   a   b e a u t i f u l   s

The princess said..


and the prince lived happily ever after, and

rode motorcycles and did wildly inappropriate

things with cute skinny girls and hunted and

raced cars. 
He went to naked bars and dated

women half his age and drank 

and drank the milk from the box


--->and  went to rock concerts<--  

and he kept his apartments and his favorite

jeans and never got cheated on while

working, and all his family and friends thought

he was cool as hell.


&   l e  f  t   t  h e    t  o  i l  e  t   s  e  a  t  up.

THE     END.

not my format:  jayciecutie01. I do not own this quote ether.

"But I set Fire to the Rain,

And I threw us into the flames
Well, it felt something died
'Cause I knew that was the last time."

Hate how I'll work hard on a quote,
 AND I'll get NO  FAVS. BUT THE NEXT DAY, someone else has the SAME QUOTE I HAD and itS ON THE TOP QUOTES OF THE DAY.   -_-  


You know who's beautiful?
Read the first word. <3


We fear rejection 
Want attention,

Crave affection and 
dream of perfection.