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Fun Prank:
Fill your friend's car up with ping pong balls. And then when he opens the door, slowly and carefully... burn down his house.


a world where the sky isn't blue,
and the grass isn't green.
that's the only world where i can be with you.


Also known as National Get Fat for Jesus day.




If you break some glass, it can't be repaired easily.
It's the same with people. Only you can't see the damage done.




She took a leap of faith and opened up her heart to him.
But he didn't realise what he had and left her feeling broken. Now she isn't sure she'll ever be able to love again.




You take my heart and I'll take yours.
Together we'll see if two broken hearts will make a whole.



If I send you a song I like, listen closely to it.
The words from my heart which I'm too afraid to say are written in the lyrics.



When life changes to be harder,
change yourself to be stronger.



Always face up to your feelings. You can try and run away from them but soon you'll just run out of stamina and be in no condition to confront them.



Why do people always assume that it's only girls that friendzone boys? I got slamdunked right into the friendzone quite a while back. Boys friendzone girls too, y'know.