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My name is milyssa:] 
Missy for short!
So anyways im 13 and im really nicee! if your nice to me that is. I HATE DRAMA, and i get a heck of a tan in the summer, but sadly lose it in the winter. ughh. Im a cheerleader, i do track and field, and i run cross country. so anyways, thats all i gotta say, so bubyee<3
Hey how are you doing? im doing pretty good too:) well hit me up and comment on my page, and favorite my quotes. kpcee<3

Quotes by MissyLovesYou


funnhomuch you care, 

            until you don't care at all


That Awkward Moment

when a sentence doesn't end the way
you think it octopus.

Credit to: mybeardiscrazydelicious 



don't sit there and stare,
say something if you care. 

I'm better than your ex,
Fresher than your next.


Love isn't about finding the perfect person,
/ I ts about seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

I don't think you realize what you mean to me,

not the slightest clue.

Blaring the music in the car,
so you don't have to listen to your

is the oldest i've ever been & the youngest i'll ever be again.*♥

I loved you yesterday

i love you  still

i always have.. i always will

 my smile is on steroids, 
whenever you look at me.