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My name is milyssa:] 
Missy for short!
So anyways im 13 and im really nicee! if your nice to me that is. I HATE DRAMA, and i get a heck of a tan in the summer, but sadly lose it in the winter. ughh. Im a cheerleader, i do track and field, and i run cross country. so anyways, thats all i gotta say, so bubyee<3
Hey how are you doing? im doing pretty good too:) well hit me up and comment on my page, and favorite my quotes. kpcee<3

Quotes by MissyLovesYou

He makes me smile so much.
that my cheeks get sore.


Sometimes  i wonder,
If im on your mind, when your daydreaming.

You get to watch me leave,
I guess that's why they call it window pain.


He wasn't just kissing me?
He was simply whispering in my mouth, that's all. 

When i gathered up the nerve to text you, 
i was to scared to press send.

Those things that happen to you,
That for sure you thought would 
n e v e r happen to you in a million years.


Life is like a box of chocolates,

you never know what your gonna get.

~Forrest Gump~


Don't hate me cuz' i'm beautiful, 
hate because your boyfriend thinks so.

I'm  not  here  to catch  you,
I'm here to make sure, you don't fall. 

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