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My name is milyssa:] 
Missy for short!
So anyways im 13 and im really nicee! if your nice to me that is. I HATE DRAMA, and i get a heck of a tan in the summer, but sadly lose it in the winter. ughh. Im a cheerleader, i do track and field, and i run cross country. so anyways, thats all i gotta say, so bubyee<3
Hey how are you doing? im doing pretty good too:) well hit me up and comment on my page, and favorite my quotes. kpcee<3

Quotes by MissyLovesYou

Why does kool-aid man think its okhay to bust  through my walls whenever he wants, and NOT pay for it?
"Behind every thing she is not. Is her truself The one who is beautiful<3" Wish he told me this Not,why would  date her ever again...
Love is like a river, Its flowing good, till one cold day, Its freezes over but under all that hard ice, The river is still flowing<3
When I tell you i love you 
I don't say it out of habit
or to make conversation.
I say it to remind you that
you're the best thing that 
ever happened to me. ♥
~When ife  gives   you a  hundred reasons  to cry......


That  You  Have  A  Million Reasons   to Smile~
When take the time to 
  Read   every  quote      
--B ecause   They   shoul.d   All  get   A   Chance -
Every Snowflake is different<3 :*

Its okay to let out, a laugh,a tear,no reason to fear, a smile,a frown,not to be a clown,a hug,a kiss,a  moment  to  say, this is it<3.
I herd a tap on my window, jumping out of my bed Scared out of my mind, I looked in the window but all i saw was shadow. I woke up in the morning and looked over to look for the remote. I looked at the wall suddenly frightened and Clueless, There was a flower tapped to the wall. ITS WINTER.

Ive got you WRAPPED Around mye finger<3 
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