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Feels good to be back. 

Quotes by MisunderstoodDreamer

You took a piece of me, and I let you.
& t h a t w i l l n e v e r h a p p e n a g a i n .
- Cristina Yang, Grey's Anatomy

 .  I   .   S   U   P   P   O   S   E   .

We can never get used to change.
However – C H A N G E – can't be stopped.
We can either go with it, or we get left behind. 
But in time tears will dry and fear will wear off.

   I believe that.

that's what you do with love,,
you hand it on
s t r o n g e r t h a n g e n e s ,,
t h i c k e r t h a n b l o o d -
it’s all true, true, true
except the lies.

highlight <3
So I guess this is * (( the end. )) .xxx -
Though it’s never really the end, is it?

The words just stop.