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Let me be me.

Quotes by Mizsquirrelgirl

I sit there with a straight face
But on the inside I'm dying...
You know what I hate more than anything? Cancelled plans.
Dance in the rain like it's the last day you've got
Sing to the ones you love
Send him a text, tell him your true feelings
Stop hiding who you truly are and always have been
Be who you've always wanted to be
Be that person
Be yourself
Marvel: I used to be a tribute like you, but then I took an arrow to the neck. 

If you get it, fave it!!

Cause they don't even know you, all they see is scars. They don't see the angel living in your heart. Let them find the real you, burried deep within. Let them know with all you've got that you are not your skin 


Go outside. Kiss someone. Listen to good music. Go to work. Twirl in circles laughing like a maniac in the rain until your neighbors call the police. You know, all of that having-a-life stuff. Seriously. Go do something else. 
"Love is the glue that holds everything in the world together"
-My fortune cookie♥ 
I want you to love me, for me. 
For who I am, not what I look like. 
I love how
2 years ago you were like a sister
You came on vacation with me
Now when I see you in the hallway, you look the other way

...and pretend I no longer exist
On a normal day
Boyfriend: I'm hanging out with a girl, you don't mind right?
Me: No, it's alright.

When I'm on my period
Boyfriend: I'm hanging out with a girl, you don't mind right?
Me: WHO IS THIS B****? I'm going to hunt her down and kill her slowly and painfully... >:)