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Quotes by Mizsquirrelgirl

Employee at Disney: Hey guys! I have a great idea! Instead of making new moives, let's just remake all the old ones in 3D!

&I hate it when
Someone asks me if I'm LYING&I laugh
  EVEN THOUGH I'M really telling the truth 


That awkward moment when
You write a quote thinking"This will get a million faves!!"
A n d   t h e n   n o   o n e   f a v e s   i t    

When I was little 
I always wished I could be a princess
Mickey  mouse  always  said  dreams  can  come  true
g u e s s  w h a t ?

I'm still not a princess.

I have whooping cough.
I'm not allowed to go to school until Tuesday.
While I'm home, alone, coughing my brains out
My bestfriend and my boyfriend are sitting in lunch together
Taking pictures, putting them on FB, laughing, having a great time
I miss them. 
I hate being so lonely...
I hate it so much. 

That awkward moment when
You  accidentally like your own quote
A n d  t h e n  t h i n k  y o u  h a v e  a  n o t i f i c a t i o n   

Witty has too much swearing on it. I was contacted by Google and told we must clean up Witty or get kicked out of Google's advertising program. When you see an inappropriate quote or comment click "report" so it can be reviewed and removed. A good rule of thumb to determine if something is inappropriate is if you'd be happy if your grandmother or grandfather read it. So far you've all done a great job reporting bad quotes and comments, but we need to do it every day to keep Witty Profiles online. Thank you!

^Who else was REALLY scared when they saw this again?

I was sick today
So I spent all day on witty :) 
I saw so many quotes about how girls think they're ugly/unwanted and no one likes them. So this quote is for every single girl out there.

You are beautiful
and I love you

We need to stop swearing
kthanksbye :)
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