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i like to play tennis and shop at the hottest stores and also hang out with my peeps! jewel maegan caroly maddie courtney lacey kassandra and my boyfriend cole patterson!!

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hello uve reached {name) away message so leave a message after the beep and also im either at the mall or online talkin to ppl so BEEP!!!!!!! call me the cells on!!
my eyes are seeing somethin ur not!

the back of my eyelids GOODNIGHT!
boyfriends stab u in the heart
friends stab u in the back
bestfriends dont cary knifes

written with a pen
sealed with a kiss
if u are my friend pleaze answer this
are we friends or are we not
u told me once but i forgot
so tell me now and tell me true
so i can say i am there for u
out of all the friends i ever met
you are the one i wont forget
and if i die before u
i will go to heaven and wait for u