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Before I start about myself,
I'd like to dedicate this paragraph to a classmate of mine who took her own life. Her name was Jazmin. Why she took her life? I don't know. I have no clue. She was beautiful, smart, funny, caring, loud, and just a great person. She didn't deserve to go. I guess God just needed another angel up there. The words that I will never forget are from my principal.
"Our dear friend, Jazmin Paige, took her own life last night."
Those words will haunt me forever. That day is engraved in my heart forever. SHE is engraved in my heart forever. I could go on and on about that day, but I won't say any more. If you want to know anything else, talk to me. R.I.P. Jazmin 2-7-12 <3

Well anyways, first things first. My name is Molly Reed McKeogh. I'm fourteen years old. Not young; old. I hate when people say "I'm (insert age here) years young". No, you're not. You're getting older every second, you need to embrace the fact that you grow older every day. Okay, just had to get that off of my chest. I'm in love with Cody Robert Simpson. He just...amazes me. I love helping other people. It makes me feel really good. I love to write, act, and sing. They're all amazing. I loose friends. All the time. But I don't know why. I always end up loosing someone important to me, and then I have to start all over again with someone else. I miss my much. I wish I wasn't the youngest because I just hate loosing my family too. I'm just going to stop because I don't want to keep rambling to you about my life.

Quotes by MollyReed11

Lol. Wow. I am so done with witty.
I'll come back when people aren't bullies and when people are original for once.

You want to know why I'm depressed? Do you want to know?

-You leave me out of everything. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough.

-I can't just hang out with one person, someone always wants to invite someone else. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough.

-When I'm uncomfortable with doing something, you guys get upset. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough.

-When ever I try to talk, you guys interrupt and don't let me finish. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough.

-You will all sit there laughing about something I'm not a part of. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough.

-You all make me feel like I'm not good enough.

That's why.

I can't stand it when
a sentence doesn't end
the way you think it octopus.

Glen Coco? Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!
And none for Gretchen Weiners.


Dear Jazmin,
I think this is like the fourth quote I've made
about you. I hope you're reading them up there
haha. It's been 13 days since you went to heaven.
 I've been thinking about you a lot today.
Well, I think about you a lot every day.
You're beautiful face is my screen saver.
Every time I open my phone...there you are.
As beautiful as you always were. I still
can't believe you're gone. I don't think it will
ever sink in actually. I don't feel like you're
gone, I just feel like you moved or something.
The thing that plays in my mind the most is
"Our dear friend, Jazmin Page, took her own life last night."
It makes me sick every time I think of it. I actually
feel bad for Mr. Casavant too because he had
to tell our grade that. I mean, who would want
to say that to a huge group of 13-14 year olds?
You know what else I play in my mind a lot?
Your laugh.
Your laugh always filled the classroom or the hallway.
So did your voice in general. You were so loud
and happy all of the time.
But I guess what they say about how
much a smile can hide is true.
I thought you were the happiest person alive...
besides Anna haha. But it's true, you were always so,
SO happy. There were always times I thought
you would never shut up! Hahaha
 But I guess that's what I loved most about you.
I think that maybe I was jealous of your
happiness and your carefreeness. I'm always
so consumed in my school work and trying to
get everything perfect but you were always
laughing and talking and doing your work
at the same time. Plus, you were SO smart.
You had such an amazing future infront of you.
I heard you wanted to be a lawyer.
You could have done it Jazmin, I know you could have.
You could have even been the next Judge Judy.
"Judge Jazmin".
...But you threw it all away. I miss you so much Jazmin,
it hurts.
Promise to meet me at the gates and tell me everything will be okay?
Okay haha. Love and miss you Jazmin <3
Rest easy <3

I don't come with an instruction book.
You need to figure me out on your own.

*mine :)*

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