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Quotes by MoniOx

[ i  w a n t e d  y o u  s o  b a d

i'm so through with that
cause honestly, you turned out to be;
the best thing i never had♥.

Have You Ever Thought If Someone Out There
Is Thinking The
Exact Same Thought
As You?♥
J u s t   S o   Y o u   K n o w
 this feelings taken control of me
A n d   I   C a n ' t    H e l p   I t.

B u t I D o n ' t B u t   I   D o n ' t   bbbb

 W  h a t ?

 W   h  o ?

 W h e n ?

  W   h   y ? 

 H   o   w ?


 I Honestly Think This Should Be Whow.


Don’t  look  at him as you walk  in the room 
[like  he’s   even   not  there]
Tell               yourself               that              you            just            don’t            care.


*not mine:)

 Cartoon People Must Be Smeeellllyy,
TheyDon'tEverChangeThereClothes :/

 - a day without you
ilike a year without rain,
[i need you by my side,]
dont know how i'll survive ...♥

 -Selena gomez.,
 T h e  O n e  T h i n g  Y o u
C a n ' t  S t o p  E a t i n g ;
♥(: Pringles :)♥


i Want a guy that doesn't care how i look

i want a guy that would go the extra mile for me
i want a guy that would bring me flowers and choclates
for just a random occasion
and tell me how much he loves me
i want a guy that would get a part time job
just to take me to that extra special date
i want a guy that would tell me the truth no matter what
i want a guy that i can tell everything to but he wont judge
i want a guy that my parents love to bits
i want a guy to feel comfortable enough to say
"you look nice, but you'd look well better in that"
i want a guy that doesn't care what anybody thinks
i want a guy that can talk about me all day long
so that his mates actually get fed up of him
i want a guy that when i think of him,
my heart skips a beat,
my mind goes into a differet world,
and my eyes automatically close
dreaming of him
i want a guy that i can talk to on the phone
for houurss without getting bored
or getting awkward
i want a guy that can make me laugh,
even when im mad at him,
that will give me his jackets on cold days
even when the only thing hes got on is a vest
that will cook for me
despite him knowing hes gonna break the cooker
But mostly i want a guy....
That will love me for who i am